Palm OS Development @ Techwood Broadcasting Foundation

The Techwood Broadcasting Foundation (a division of produces a number of unique and free products for Palm OS.  We have an RSS feed that lists all of our available applications.  Our current contributions are:

HandMatrix 1.0

This application was an entry in the 2002 MobileWizardry Palm OS Demo Coding Competition.  It does a "Matrix"-style scrolling text display on any color Palm OS device, and fits in under 1K of memory.  It is free to distribute and use, and was developed by Ben Combee (  The source code is also provided, and is released to the public domain.

m100 Note Pad Key Patch 1.0

This application runs on a Palm m100 or m105 device and intercepts system resets, preventing the system from changing the fourth hard button back to "notepad" from whatever you had set it. Charles Patisaul ( developed this application, and the download includes source code.

HandEra 330 DbgMessage Hack HandEra 330 2001 Contest Winner

This is a Palm OS system hack that redirects output from the DbgMessage system call to the soft-graffiti area on a HandEra 330 device. This hack requires a hack manager such as X-Master, TealMaster, or HackMaster. When installed, use the manager program to go to its configuration dialog. In this screen, you can set it to pass through DbgMessage calls to the serial port or show them on the screen. Version 1.0 only works in 1-bit mode, so it is not useful for testing grayscale applications. Ben Combee ( developed this application. The download includes source code and a CodeWarrior for Palm OS Platform 7.0 project file.

For help on programming Palm OS devices, see Combee on Palm OS, Ben's weblog dealing with many aspects of PDA software development.